Victims’ Assistance Program

LaShonda Nettles, Director

The Victim Assistance Coordinator ensures that victims’ rights are protected throughout the criminal justice process. The Victim’s Assistance Coordinator works with the District Attorney and the Assistant District Attorneys during the entire criminal justice process to ensure victims are notified about the activity of the case and make sure the victims understand victims’ rights and have input into the process.

  • Click here for  – Victim Compensation Guidelines
  • Click here for – DA Victim’s Impact Statement


  • Keep victims updated on the progress of the case
  • Assist victims with referrals to social service agencies
  • Inform victims of financial assistance and assist in filing for victim compensation claims
  • Inform victims of any plea bargains and specific information pertaining to their case
  • Assist with victim impact statements
  • Assists in the transportation of victims to court
  • Provide court room orientation for victims and witnesses
  • Maintain a close working relationship with hospital personnel, law enforcement, and social service agencies
  • Attend Sexual Assault Response Team meetings
  • Attend child advocacy meetings
  • Attend monthly multi-disciplinary task force meetings
  • Assist in training law enforcement on updates regarding victims’ rights and social services available
  • Attend staff meetings and in service training programs
  • Assist in speaking engagements
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