§ 97-17-65. Looting

  • (1)  A person commits looting when he knowingly without authority of law or of the owner enters any home or dwelling, or upon any premises of another, or enters any commercial, mercantile, business or industrial building, plant or establishment, in which a normal security of property is not present by virtue of a hurricane, fire or vis major of any kind or by virtue of a riot, mob, or other human agency and obtains or exerts control over or injures or removes property of the owner.
  • (2)  Any person who commits looting shall be guilty of a felony and, upon conviction, such person shall be punished by imprisonment in the penitentiary for a period not to exceed fifteen (15) years or by a fine not to exceed ten thousand dollars ($ 10,000.00), or both such fine and imprisonment.
  • (3)  The fact that a person may be subject to prosecution under this section shall not bar his prosecution or punishment under the statutes relating to larceny or burglary, or under any other statute or ordinance to the extent that such would otherwise be permitted in the absence of this section.
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