Frequently Asked Questions

Question: I am charged with a crime and want some information about my case or want to talk to the district attorney. Can I?
Answer: Mississippi Law and professional standards prevent the District Attorney’s office from talking to Defendants. Contact your attorney or the Public Defender’s office.

Question: Does the state offer assistance to crime victims?
Answer: For victims of violent crimes, there are programs to help them. Examples of violent crimes are aggravated assaults, rapes, and sexual battery. If you are the victim of a violent crime, contact our Victim Assistance Coordinator, LaShonda Nettles, for more information.

Question: Does anyone in the District Attorney’s office speak at schools or for other community groups?
Answer: Yes, the District Attorney and her staff are actively involved in speaking through the three county district. We offer a variety of presentations including the “Safe Kids, Safe Streets” program, trends in crime and the courts. Please contact us to request a speaker.

Question: I need help in a matter that really is not a criminal case. Can I talk to the District Attorney for advice?
Answer: No, according to the Mississippi Law, the District Attorney can not give civil advice.

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